SONDAR – Soil Strategy Network in the Danube Region

Soil is the starting point for all life on Earth, and provides more than 90 % of our food. It is threatened in many ways: Excessive construction and exploitation in favorable conditions, neglect and give-up in unfavorable conditions. A general awareness of the population seems to get lost and does no longer correspond to reality, respectively. Soils are living systems, which can only perform their functions in the ecosystem and for humans, if their properties remain largely intact. Sustainable cultivation of land in the Danube region can afford a decisive contribution towards soil fertility, preventive protection against flooding and use of soils as carbon storage tanks and thus towards climate protection.

It is the aim of the SONDAR project (Soil Strategy Network in the Danube Region) to establish a network of increasing responsibility for soil: between science and practice, between administration and users of land, between education, arts and the entire population. It is a matter of implementing measures and initiating processes, which can subsequently develop further successfully in other regions and countries. The effect of the project examples shall become relevant to the entire Danube region, and after termination of project they shall lead to the development of strategies for a continuation of activities.

The measures taken by the partners are aimed at showing quantitative and qualitative soil conservation through demonstration of best-practice examples.

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