The project focuses on developing activities in the field of eco-social innovations. The purpose is to bring people together to discuss and develop ideas, measures and projects for a sustainable development, specifically to create new green jobs in the Danube Region.

The project “dunaVision – the Caravan of Change” is a journey along the Danube, from the source of the river in the Black Forest to the Black Sea. On foot or bicycle, or in a canoe – in six months, the journey will cover 14 countries and 3.000 miles.

Its aim is to “identify and connect many individual people as well as initiatives and projects, which are working towards a sustainable future. Most of them are not well connected with each other and therefore re-invent the wheel; secondly, civil society often doesn’t know about these projects; but a sustainable development in the Danube region needs the support of all.

The organizers see themselves as open-minded, future-oriented people, who want to create a sustainable future in the Danube region. “We want to meet inspiring people and learn about inspiring projects, we want to connect and learn from each other. Anybody is welcome to come along on this journey.” Approximately every two weeks, forums are organized along the way. These are networking events during which workshops are held, and local initiatives and regional concepts are presented.

Idea and Vision of dunaVision The dunaVision initiative is about visioning and creating the future society. We vision an environment where living, working and learning with other like-minded people is fulfilling and fun. We believe that individual people are the source of change. We can and will support our governments and organizations on their efforts for a sustainable development. Our aim is to develop a vital network of like-minded people so that we can all learn from each other about how to create a sustainable future and become active together. A major objective is the vision of an open, boundless co-creation of our sustainable presence and future living, learning and working. This opens up the opportunity to work together on an equal level based on a cross-generational, cross-cultural and cross-sectorial approach. 

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